Different types of commercial cleaning services

Prices for Commercial Cleaning. Before you decide on which commercial cleaning service to use, it is important that you are familiar with the three types. These include: daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Different types of cleaning services come at different prices. You will pay a premium for commercial cleaners’ ability to deliver results.

Daily Commercial Cleaning Prices. This type of calculation is based on the cost of cleaning. This figure will include all surfaces and areas that need to be cleaned and any floors that need to be maintained. Most commercial cleaning services charge based upon the average cost to clean each area. To get an estimate of how much your cleaning task will cost, multiply the number surface areas and areas that have the average cost to clean each area by 3.

Weekly Commercial Cleaning Prices. This category includes any surface that will need to be cleaned throughout the week. These surfaces include bathrooms, kitchens and showers. To calculate this cost per square foot, divide the total area of the commercial cleaning services you hire by the number of surfaces and areas that are cleaned on a weekly basis. For example, if you hire five rooms and bathrooms for your facility’s weekly activities, each room and bathroom will be counted when calculating the cost per square foot.

Monthly Commercial Cleaning Costs. The calculation for this category includes all surface and areas that will need to be cleaned throughout the month. Common surfaces that will be reviewed in this category include toilets, kitchens, showers, and janitorial areas. To determine the cost of your commercial cleaning services per square foot, multiply the number or surfaces that you will be cleaning by 5 and then add the floors cleaning rates and CoIT clean rates. This will give you an average cost for your janitorial services per square foot.

CoIT Regular Cleanings. This category covers all CoIT areas in commercial buildings. This would include all of the entryways, employee break areas, food preparation areas, restocking areas, aisle walkways, parking lots, door areas, and exterior of the commercial buildings. Many commercial buildings have a crew of janitors who clean the CoIT areas once per week. To determine the cost per square foot of these regular cleaning services, multiply the area or surface in square feet by fifty percent.

Cohesive Coatings. Some commercial cleaners offer coating services to their residential customers and those clients can purchase a roll of film coated with a film grip that helps maintain the cleanliness of their residential spaces more efficiently than the standard cleaning job. A typical coat for these commercial spaces is approximately six hundred dollars per square foot and the coating is approximately twenty-four inches thick. You should be prepared to pay the higher price if you are looking for high-end coatings such as stainless steel, exterior walls, and glass.

Output-Driven Contract Cleaning Services. Commercial cleaning companies often offer this service to residential customers who want to clean commercial spaces on a larger scale than what is possible with a thorough exterior surface cleaning job. If you have a large commercial space and need a moderate amount of surface coverage, the cost per square foot will be considerably less than if you were to clean the exterior of the premises, including all of the exterior walls and the parking lot. This type of service can also be used for all commercial spaces, from office floors to storage facilities.

The types of commercial cleaning services that your company will hire will depend on your specific needs. A national janitorial service should be contracted to clean your warehouse. If you are looking for a general mop and bucket service to take care of your parking lot, the cost per square foot will be less than if you were hiring a detail janitorial company to do the job. There are many great janitorial companies out there that can offer the right services for your company at a price you can afford!